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Our Methodology

Our Subjects

Academic Levels:
Primary 1 to Primary 6
Secondary 1 to Secondary 4

Mastery of English Language

  • Techniques on how to tackle the different levels of open-ended comprehension.
  • Tackling inferential, literal and evaluative questions.
  • Avoiding common errors in dealing with comprehensive questions.
  • Practice papers for self- evaluation and evaluation by teacher.
  • Techniques and notes given to pupils on improving their grammar and expanding their vocabulary.
  • Clear, simple and easy-to-understand explanations and examples are given to pupils to illustrate grammar items and rules.
  • Reinforce pupil’s learning in a variety of challenging examination papers.
  • Provision of helpful tips on how to avoid common grammatical errors.

Academic Levels:
Primary 1 to Primary 6

Our lessons aim to enhance our students’ standards with a holistic manner. They will be trained to solve math problems in a structured and efficient way. We spend most of the time helping students with building up their foundation and critical thinking. We teach them solutions instead of providing them with answers.

Academic Levels:
PSLE Preparation

We provide a 12-lesson PSLE crash course that normally starts in July to September every year. 12 lessons with specified topics and skills are taught, such as estimation and approximation, mental calculation, use of mathematical tools, arithmetic and algebraic manipulation. Assessments and assignments will be given during this period to train students to cope with exams.

Academic Levels:
Lower Secondary Maths

Our Secondary School Maths lessons are rigorous as we want our students to acquire and apply the reasoning skills and knowledge relating to numbers, measurement and mathematical situations in everyday life. In addition, we impart mathematical concepts and skills necessary for further studies in mathematics or other related disciplines.

Academic Levels:
Secondary 3 & 4 E/A Maths for O Levels

This is a programme to prepare students for GCE O’ level examinations. Our students would be trained to develop the ability to make logical deductions and inductions as well as to explicate the underlying mathematical problems. We use mathematical language to communicate mathematical ideas and arguments precisely, concisely and logically. We develop positive attitudes in our students towards learning mathematics such as confidence, enjoyment and perseverance. Students will appreciate the power and structure of mathematics, including patterns and relationships when their intellectual curiosity is enhanced.

Academic Levels:
Primary: Chinese & Higher Chinese
Secondary: Chinese & Higher Chinese

Covering all aspects of the Chinese Language, Chinese Compositions, Comprehension, Oral, Language Expression, Idioms and Sentence Formation. Classes are available for students from Primary to Secondary levels.

We welcome students of any nationality and background or language capability. We instill passion in Chinese Language in students who wish to master the language.

Our Higher Chinese programme is a rigorous course that helps students acquire the fluency and expressiveness needed to tackle and ace the subject in their school examinations.

Students will be stimulated to think critically and communicate concisely in Chinese.

In the process, they will acquire a broad perspective of issues and learn how to express their views clearly in Chinese.

Using a comprehensive multi-pronged approach, which was conceived and developed by our teachers of highly-qualified and experienced Chinese secondary teachers, students are equipped with the needed skills to excel in the language.

Academic Levels:
Primary 3 to Primary 6
Secondary 1 to Secondary 4

Science | Physics | Chemistry| Combined Science

Here in Odyssey, we recognize that Science is not a subject that is easily mastered in 4 years of secondary school, especially for weaker students. Hence, every chapter is divided according to:

  1. Importance
  2. Concept difficulty
  3. Frequently examined questions

For example, the polyatomic ions are moderately hard to memorize, but are very important in equations, so even weaker students must memorize them.

In Odyssey, every student is our focus. We will advise each according to their ability and motivation, as well as their areas of weakness, so as to optimize their results in exams.


LevelSubject / per month
Primary 1 & 2$130
Primary 3$140
Primary 4$150
Primary 5$160
Primary 6$170

LevelSubject / per month
Secondary 1$170
Secondary 2$180
Secondary 3$190
Secondary 4$200

LevelEnglish Composition / per month (1 hour)
Primary 3 & 4$160
Primary 5 & 6$170
Secondary 1 & 2$180
Secondary 3 & 4$190

LevelSubject / per month
JC 1 & 2$300

Combo Promotion:
Take up 3 or more subjects to get 10% of your total tuition fees

One-to-One Tuition Available too!