P1 to P4
P5 to P6(Close supervision)
Monday to Friday: 2pm - 7pm

We Offer a Wide range of fun and educational activities for your children

Our Strengths

Student Care at Odyssey Learning Centre

Through our dedicated and professional care, your child will enjoy a safe and warm learning environment with fun and well-structured activities. At our center’s student care, we are offering a unique element of Chinese language and cultural enrichment through:

– Han Yu Pin Yin class
– Calligraphy class
– Chinese Poetry / Passage Recitation class
– Chinese Compo Advancement class
– Other enrichment activities: Speech & Drama, Movie evaluation, Science experiments, etc.

For this holiday period, we are also introducing and including Head-start classes as part of the programme to prepare students for the new academic year of 2022.

When the school term starts, we will provide and include English, Maths and Science tuition classes in the programme.

How our students spend a day in Odyssey

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Math Lesson
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Student Art Work
ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (5)
Student Craft Work​
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Homework Guidance
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Lunch at Coffee Shop
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Outdoor Activity​ - Swimming​
Singing Competition Area
Science Explorer: Save the Ocean
Science Explorer​: Salt in Art
Classroom Cleaning
Math Lesson
Math Lesson
Holiday Science Explorer
Coding & Robotics
Science Explorer
Balancing Robot
Birthday Celebration
Chinese Reading
Chinese Reading
Chinese Reading
Chinese Reading

What Our students say about us