Phonics in Tampines


Read Write And Spell

Our Phonics programme is geared to help our students read independently and spell confidently

How do we do it?

Using a synthetic phonics method, we will  teach systematically our students the 44 basic phonemes. 

During the course, we will guide them to blend commonly used graphemes (letter or letters representing the basic phoneme) to read words initially before moving on to sentences. Along the way, we will introduce high frequency sight words so that they will be able to read confidently. In house reading books related to the sounds taught in class will be distributed to the students every week and students will be encouraged to read to the class the following week. 

In addition, as the children progress through our course, they will be trained to listen, segment and spell words. This will greatly aid them for their future spelling and learning of the English language. 

Conducted in a small group class with a maximum of 6 students, you can be sure that your child will get sufficient attention from our experienced teachers.

Contact us at 8268 4345 to find out more about our course now!

Primary 1 Preparation Course

Build a strong foundation for your child

Our Primary 1 preparation course are designed to help your child get ready for Primary 1 by focusing on the key foundational skills. We run a few classes throughout the year and each term is designed to last for 3 months. Contact us at 8268 4345 for further information.  




Sight Words

Sentence Structure





Numbers 1-100




Sequence and Ordering



Story Sums