Experienced Teachers

These Are the Heroes with the Passion to Transform Their Communities

Our Teachers

Experience | 10 Years

— Teacher Mr Lee Wen Sheng

Teacher Lee has 10 years of experience teaching Maths and Science (Secondary). He studied at DHS, and VJC, and graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Accountancy with Honours.

Experience | 30 Years

— Teacher Mrs Li Tani

BA (Hons) English Language n Literature
Masters in Education
Kings College, Cambridge, London

National Institute of Education, Singapore.

  • “Every Child is Unique, All can Succeed ” is her mantra and there is never a dull moment in her class according to many students.
  • A school teacher with more than 3 decades of experience in elite schools like RGSS n ACSI, also many government n government-aided schools teaching English Language, Literature for “O Level’, IP and KI & General Paper for ‘A level ‘ & PSLE; one who teaches with great passion to nurture the love for English & Literature in students.
  • As a curriculum writer, Mrs Li is efficiently into skills n techniques teaching to help students excel in examinations.
  • Armed with an armoury of insightful knowledge, exam strategies she teaches with gusto to give her students greater understanding of Writers’ crafts in Poetry, Prose and Play(Drama) and Critical Analysis.
  • Mrs Li equips her students with analytical and critical skills they need to tackle challenging English Language Comprehension Questions easily n interpret meanings in text via annotative and inferential skills only exclusively known and used to and by herself.
  • Building fundamentals in Grammar, Vocabulary, Close Procedures, Comprehension n Creative Writing are the main concerns of students prepping for PSLE, which Mrs Li takes pains with great patience in teaching the relevant skills for each respective genre to simplify not over-complicate the English Language.
  • Mrs Li teaches with clear n lucid explanations on how to read questions, annotate within context n respond with relevant answers in accordance with the requirements of the various genres in English Language and Literature.
  •  Never a dull moment in her class, she nurtures students’ love for English Language and Literature
Experience | 35 Years

— Teacher Jeffrey Ng

BSc (Merit) in Computer Science & Mathematics
Indiana State University USA.

  • Mathematics Specialist teacher with 35 yrs of experience is well- versed with MOE Maths syllabus and is known for helping students to experience 2 to 3 grades jump in their Maths results within 3 months and some students jumping 9 grades from F9 to A1.
  • Well-known for his ability to explore new ways to teach skills and impart concepts more efficiently so that students can learn better and faster.
  • Mr Ng is good at helping students understand how seemingly unrelated concepts are interconnected and helping students reduce memorising of Maths formulae by at least 30%.
  • Mr Ng is able to identify a combination of question types in each topic that will be tested in school and national examinations like PSLE, N, O and A Levels and JC for E and A Maths.
Experience | 8 Years

— Teacher Mdm Liu

BA in Chinese Language

Fudan University

  • Adept at child psychology, engaging lesson style.
  • A uniquely designed curriculum in-line with MOE standards.
  • Named as the ‘Public speaking ambassador’ by the local Chinese media.
  • 100% Chinese Language exam passing rate for her students.
Experience | 20 Years

— Teacher Pess Chua

A very experienced English teacher who has taught in Primary and Secondary schools in the past.

Experience | 3 Years

— Teacher Lim

With a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English from University of London, Teacher Lim is an outstanding and passionate teacher who aims to bring out the best in students according to their abilities. 

Experience | 2 Years

— Teacher Andy

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from RMIT University, Australia, Teacher Andy is an extremely patient teacher who is willing to give his best in helping his students achieve the best results they are capable of. As someone who cares and shows concern for his students, he makes sure that they do well and excel in their school work.

Experience | 10 Years

— Teacher Brenda

Brenda holds a Bachelor in Applied Science (NUS) and a postgraduate diploma in Education (NIE). Brenda is an Ex-MOE school teacher for 10 years and an author of several published assessment books. Brenda utilises simple language to explain difficult concepts and relate them to real-life encounters to assist students in fully understanding the concepts while sustaining their interest in the subject. She believes that every child is able to learn given the right motivation and guidance.