Experienced Teachers

These Are the Heroes with the Passion to Transform Their Communities

Our Teachers

Experience | 10 Years

— Teacher Lee Wen Sheng

Teacher Lee has 10 years of experience teaching Maths and Science (Secondary). He studied at DHS, and VJC, and graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Accountancy with Honours.

Experience | 35 Years

— Teacher Jeffrey Ng

BSc (Merit) in Computer Science & Mathematics
Indiana State University USA.

  • Mathematics Specialist teacher with 35 yrs of experience is well-versed with MOE Maths syllabus and is known for helping students to experience 2 to 3 grades jump in their Maths results within 3 months and some students jumping 9 grades from F9 to A1.
  • Well-known for his ability to explore new ways to teach skills and impart concepts more efficiently so that students can learn better and faster.
  • Mr Ng is good at helping students understand how seemingly unrelated concepts are interconnected and helping students reduce memorising of Maths formulae by at least 30%.
  • Mr Ng is able to identify a combination of question types in each topic that will be tested in school and national examinations like PSLE, N, O and A Levels and JC for E and A Maths.
Experience | 8 Years

— Teacher Chen Ying

Nanyang Technological University, Confucius Institute, Chinese Language Teaching Qualification




南洋理工大学孔子学院 ,国际汉语教育专业 。在新加坡有7年 普/高华 教学经验。

小学一年纪至中学四年级 – 词汇 语法 阅读 写作听说读写。


Experience | 20 Years

— Teacher Pess Chua

A very experienced English teacher who has taught in Primary and Secondary schools in the past.

Experience | 6 Years

— Teacher Aaron Lim

With a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English from University of London, Teacher Lim is an outstanding and passionate teacher who aims to bring out the best in students according to their abilities. 

Experience | 10 Years

— Teacher Gracy Yap

Gracy Yap holds a professional teaching diploma from the University of Cambridge (CIDTT, Distinction, 2005) and she’s a Singapore Ministry of Education-approved Business English teacher. She’s also certified to teach TESOL and TEFL.  Gracy has over 10 years of experience teaching ESL, Business English and General English to foreign students. She’s also familiar with the MOE syllabus having taught local students for the last 2 years. She teaches all levels – from Beginners to Advanced. With Global LT, she’s taught German, French, Spanish-speaking South American, Mexican, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese students from MNC companies. A versatile teacher-trainer, her youngest student is 6 years old and her oldest student in her 60s.

 In 2005 to 2006, Gracy lived in China and taught IELTS at a China University in Hubei to Chinese undergraduate students. 

Before Global LT, she was appointed Head of School, Business English and  Head, Curriculum Development Unit in Higher Education. She was also an Adjunct Business English Lecturer with SIM University for summer programmes.

Gracy’s mission is to touch lives, and to motivate her students to be a better version of themselves.

Experience | 4 Years

— Teacher Andy S

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from RMIT University, Australia, and years of experience as a media writer for Fortune 500 corporations, Teacher Andy has great patience and advanced skills in teaching English, specializing in Primary English. 

Andy conducts lessons with clear explanations, provides useful subject materials and shares the best answering methods. Students in his class usually improve quickly and gain a stronger grasp of the language.