Math Tuition in Tampines (>35 years of experience)

If you have been struggling with Mathematics, you have come to the right place. Expect to see improvement from the very first lesson!

Teacher Jeffrey Ng – >35 years of experience

Academic levels taught:

  • P3 – P6 Mathematics
  • Sec 1 – Sec 2 Mathematics
  • Sec 3 & 4 E Maths & A Maths

BSc (Merit) in Computer Science & Mathematics
Indiana State University USA.

  • Mathematics Specialist teacher familiar with MOE Maths syllabus 
  • Known for helping students to experience 2 to 3 grades jump in their Maths results within 3 months and some students jumping 9 grades from F9 to A1.
  • Explores new ways to teach skills and impart concepts more efficiently so that students can learn better and faster.
  • Mr Ng is good at helping students understand how seemingly unrelated concepts are interconnected and helping students reduce memorising of Maths formulae by at least 30%.
  • Identifies a combination of question types in each topic that will be tested in school and national examinations like PSLE, N, and O Levels for E and A Maths.

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