Countdown to PSLE Series

We had a PSLE exam skills and tips webinar by three of our senior teachers last week. For those who have missed it, you may watch the replays below.

Science: What to look our for when attempting Section B open-ended questions. Presented by Pess Chua, Senior Teacher, 22 years of experience. -> WATCH

English: Tips for Tricky Grammar, Synthesis & Comprehension. Presented by Aaren Lim, English Specialist, 6 years of experience. -> WATCH

Maths: Model Method vs Algebra & Interesting Number Patterns. Presented by Jeffrey Ng Maths Specialist, 35 years of experience. -> WATCH


With 3 months to PSLE, how ready is your child for the exams? 

Statistically, most students forget 60% of content learnt in schools and tuition classes. At Odyssey, on top of regular lessons, we conduct special revision sessions at least once a month so that students are able to commit certain important concepts and skills into their permanent memory.

Our upcoming revision sessions for students will be held over the final week of the June holidays and the first week of July. These lessons are conducted in groups of five students to one teacher for a better learning experience. Lessons will be done online until physical lessons are allowed.

Live’ 90-Minute PSLE Speed Revision Session 

(Online: $30 fee per subject) :

*In person lesson’s fee will cost an additional $10 at $40 per subject.


Science: Process Skills in Section B Revision with topics from Systems, Energy, Interactions & more.

Online lessons on Tuesdays 22 June / 29 June / 6 July

2pm – 3.30pm 

3.30pm – 5pm

5.30pm – 7pm

In-person lessons on Monday 21 June / 28 June / 5 July

3.30pm – 5pm

5pm – 6.30 pm

Maths: Problem sums; Speed, Geometry, Algebra & more. 

 In-person lessons on  Saturday 3 July / 10 July

1.30pm – 3pm

No online session for Maths

English: ‘Ultimate Synthesis Revision Clinic; Using ‘Despite’, ‘No sooner had…than’. ‘Unless’, Reported Speech, ‘Either/Neither’ & more.

In-Person Lessons: 

Monday 3.30 pm to 5 pm, 21 June / 28 June / 5 July;

Friday 5.30 pm to 7 pm, 25 June / 2 July

Saturday 12.30 pm to 2 pm. 26 June / 3 July

*suitable for P5 and P6 students due to some common topics

Online Lesson:

Tuesday: 3.30pm to 5pm

Saturday: 5pm to 6.30pm  26 June / 3 July

Whatsapp us at 82284040 or 92277856 to register or fill up the form.

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